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How much food can I order?
You can order anything you want, as much as you like, as many time as you like, as long as you can finish it.
What should I do if I can not finish all the food we order?
You can take home the food left over on the table, the price will depend on how much food is left on the table.
How long can we stay at AYCE?
Seating time is 1:30 hours.
How many time can I order AYCE?
You can order as many times as you like in the hour and half.
Do you take reservation?
Yes, we do. Due to the limited seating, all party members arrive on time to be seated together, we will hold reservation table for no longer than 15 minites. Once party is seated, started ordering order, party latecomers may have to sit at other table, if there are other customers waiting, party latecomers may have to wait after them.
What should I do if I don't want to eat the food I order?
Please check all the dishes you order from the menu, you can find the explanations from the menu or by ask our sever before you order. By our policy, all left over food will be extra charge.

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Open Hours
11:30am-10:30pm Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
close Tuesday
11:30am-11:30pm Friday, Saturday

513 Bloor Street West,
Toronto. ON M5S 1Y4
Delivery Hours
11am-10:45pm Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
close Tuesday
11am-11:45pm ( last call 11:30pm ) Friday, Saturday

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